Book Review, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

In my recent review of The Art of Loving, I addressed the complexity of practicing love, pointing out that it is a formidable task. Even more intriguing is the concept of two beings from different planets, whose lack of remembrance of this fact triggers a lack of understanding and frustration in their relationships.

Now, delving into a cosmic journey of relationships, in this article Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus written by John Gray, which is a book focused on romantic relationships, breaking down detailed studies, from daily conversations to the most challenging times.

The work stands solid and coherent with all its ideas. It examines individual values, ways of dealing with stress, emotional stimuli, words and their various interpretations, as well as intimacy needs. Together, it provides a comprehensive insight into fostering a productive relationship with the opposite sex while maintaining the magical spark of love πŸ’–.

Personally, reading this book as a couple is an enriching experience. Immersing ourselves in its pages, we find a surprising 80% identification with its content. It also offers perspectives on masculine and feminine nature.

Ultimately, despite the warning about generalizing people based on their gender, I find the ideas in this book very interesting. It also reminds us that beyond our world, there is a vast universe of different and similar ways of seeing, thinking, and feeling."